We are passionate about your success. And our commitment to you is pushing us to provide an offering focused on quick delivery of practical tools in a community setting: LUNCH & LEAD! We believe that every time you come, you will leave more energized and more equipped to do the important work you are bringing to the world.

Come—and bring a friend. We look forward to seeing you soon!

2023 Summer LUNCH & LEAD Menu

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Interpersonal relationships are a gift, and they can be tricky! Often the difference maker is our ability to process someone else’s perspective. What if you had the skill to step into someone else’s shoes, see what they see, hear what they hear, and feel what they feel? In this interactive training, you will learn perceptual positioning which will expand your ability to show up with empathy and objectivity in a variety of complex situations.

Led by: Analeisa Latham

How many times are people frustrated while waiting for someone else to make a decision? This all-too-common experience explains why DECISIVENESS consistently appears on the list of desired leadership competencies. Come learn a 7-Step Decision-Making Model that relieves the pressure and demystifies the process—and ultimately sets you apart as a leader who can deliver solid decisions. You are sure to use it over and over again!

Led by: Ross Robinson

Story-less communication is transactional and lifeless, lacking the vital element of human connection. Story-filled communication is transcendent and vibrant, creating lasting impressions and relationships. This workshop gives you a storytelling template and guides you in identifying stories that describe how your organization solves important issues for your clients and the world. You will leave ready to use your story as an immediate value add.

Led by: Janiece Robinson

2022-2023 LUNCH & LEAD Menu

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Hearing and listening are not the same thing. Hearing is simple. Listening is complex-which is why it is a highly valued competency in leaders. Join as we learn and experience the power of listening with both accuracy and compassion. The practical application from this training will be immediate and will be transferable to a wide variety of situations where stronger listening skills can make the difference.


We have been conditioned to think that confidence comes as a result of being smart and working hard. What if confidence research says that paradigm isn’t true? What if confidence is something we can find right where we are and choose repeatedly? Strap on your brain-science seatbelt and discover how to identify confidence structures that will help you act confidently-even when you don’t feel it!


Most of us use diminishing words, and few of us realize we do. These everyday words that seem harmless on the surface are undermining our credibility over and over again. The first step is to see these little saboteurs in a new light. Once we can recognize them, we can strategize around them for a more powerful leadership presence. Come create your own plan for speaking up for yourself and your ideas with strength and ease.


So many leaders look at their schedules and instantly feel overwhelmed by meetings. Hours upon hours are spent in discussions that leave people drained and unmotivated. The reality is that we often feel we have no choice but to attend all the meetings and we don’t know what to do to make them more productive. Come learn how to plan and execute meetings that achieve both engagement and results.


We all know it is going to happen… We are going to be somewhere and someone is going to ask us what we do, and like countless other leaders we will give the standard answer of a job title and summary of role responsibilities. You are so much more than your title and the work you do-whatever it is-is contributing to a better world. Come use a creative tool to help you form an authentic and memorable answer that will have people asking for more.


Why do we often find ourselves bemoaning the lack of time to do the things we want? Time is universally described as one of the most precious commodities, yet 83% of people say they do not have a way to actually manage it. Even the mention of this topic can sound discouraging-and it doesn’t have to be that way. You will walk away from this training energized and hopeful with concrete tools to fill your time with the thing that deserve to be there. 


Feedback is absolutely necessary for improvement-and surprisingly, the primary factor influencing whether feedback helps is the feedback receiver. Come learn the tricky dynamics of inviting and receiving feedback as a leader. You will leave with a model that enables you to discern a feedback message and decide what you want to do next. As a bonus, you will also be better equipped to deliver feedback to others.