StrengthsFinder Coaching

Individual Strengths Coaching

Gallup’s Strengthsfinder Assessment provides a language to take leaders on a deep dive into their naturally recurring patterns of thinking and behaving and opens the door for us to explore the motivations behind them. Clients experience unprecedented freedom as they see themselves and the people around them in new ways. Strengths coaching provides both understanding and practical strategies for maximizing individual potential in any role and helps leaders establish more effective partnerships with others.

Managers & Teams Strengths Coaching

Our coaches use StrengthsFinder results with managers and their teams to help everyone discover increased value in what their teammates naturally bring, which is often counterintuitive. As teams are guided through the process of strengths discovery, the differences that can alienate us become the secret to our greater success together.


In my nearly 40 years of being in business, I can honestly say that the Strengthsfinder workshop that BOLD MOVE did for our company was one the best workshops, if not the best, I have attended. As a service business, I know that the company is only as good as its people and I can unequivocally say that this was a very good investment. Our people not only feel more valued but they are now more effective in working with one another.
Craig O'Neal
Chairman, Co-Founder | VantagePoint Marketing
Greenville, SC
StrengthsFinder really resonated with me and my team! Ross is a brilliant and inspiring coach who skillfully brought the StrengthsFinder information to life as a tool for both reflection and action. Strengths coaching was excellent in giving us all practical and insightful tools for leadership and life.
Tanya Wood
Executive Director | CHS Alliance
Geneva, Switzerland
The skilled and caring StrengthsFinder coaching provided by Ross has enabled me to grow significantly in my leadership role. I now lead intense research discussions for our team with both clarity and confidence. I highly recommend StrengthsFinder coaching for any leader who is looking to excel.
Dr. Sundeep Chaitanya
Senior Research Associate | University of Cambridge
Cambridge, England