Leadership & Team Coaching

Individual Leadership Coaching

In a world where coaching has become a household term, understanding the purpose and framework of coaching is vital. In short, our coaching extracts and tests a leader’s goals—even dreams—and then co-creates with you the paths to get there. This journey is not as easy as it sounds and requires commitment and courage to reach and exceed the specified measurable results. Our coaching is distinct from industry consulting or mentoring and is in line with the International Coaching Federation’s definitions and code of ethics. We coach the whole person and see substantial growth that is transferable to all of life.

Leadership Team Coaching

Too many people dread team meetings and interactions—for good reasons. The reality is, however, that every team holds the possibility for a greater success than could ever be achieved alone. Our coaches embrace the complex challenge of team dynamics with durability and optimism as we help people better understand one another and produce stronger results. We will work hard at listening and observing and then offer a strategy based on tested tools as we help you achieve a cohesive and productive rhythm.

360 Leadership Assessment

No system or person improves without feedback and a 360 instrument can be a life-changing tool in providing insight about what is magic and what is messy. We highly recommend the Leadership Circle assessment which provides a comprehensive measure of overall leadership effectiveness based on 18 specific creative competencies and 11 reactive styles. This valid and reliable instrument presents detailed data showing leaders specifically where to focus their growth for optimal results. We offer both the assessment and related coaching for a powerful combination that propels serious leadership development.


My leadership coach uniquely held the space for leadership transformation. His ability to pose the simple, powerful question at the right moment is a standout attribute of his coaching style. From my lens, being his client was like having a door of opportunity opened (and held open) as I peered inside to examine possibilities and try on new ideas for growth. If you are looking for impact and results in your own professional growth, a leadership coach is what you’re seeking.
Christopher Baer
CX-Focused Growth Consultant | A&MPLIFY by Alvarez & Marsal
Washington, D.C.
After only three 1:1 leadership coaching sessions, I was experiencing the impact of the process and wanted more!  I was surprised to see how talking through topics with someone who was deeply connected to my success and sincerely interested in my story helped me break down “hard things” into achievable tasks. My coach convinced me I had what it takes to get it done. This is true empowerment and I hope to be able to be both the recipient and giver of such care in the future.
Joy Reyes
Executive Director | New Hope Girls
La Vega, Dominican Republic
In every session, my coach helped create a new awareness of my situation. The unwavering ability to be present and ask thought-provoking questions allowed me to identify meaningful solutions to reach my professional and personal goals. Leadership coaching works.
Tanvi Pandit-Rajani
Global Director, Delivery | Zenysis Technologies
Washington, DC