Learn how great managers inspire top performance in team members.

About this Cohort:

Our current context creates a vital and challenging opportunity for managers to inspire hope and generate top performance in team members. How can leaders generate enthusiasm, unite disparate personalities to focus on common mission, and move team members to successfully accomplish their goals? The answers to these questions lie in the fundamentals of great managing and now is the time to invest in developing those all-important skills.

More than a decade ago, Gallup combed through its database of more than 1 million employee and manager interviews to identify the elements most important in sustaining excellence. These “elements of engagement” were revealed in the 1999 bestseller First, Break All The Rules. 12: The Elements of Great Managing is the sequel and presents insights for managers in every work environment, including those managing people remotely and those overseeing volunteers.

Managers@Work is step-by-step journey through the 12 elements of great managing. This training is engaging, stretching and it is designed to provide immediate and relevant help for those who are managing people in any organization in the middle of the current challenges and beyond. This cohort experience is designed to maximize impact through interactive group training times without heavy homework assignments.

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