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Public Speaking

Communicate your message with clarity

Professional Dining

Dine confidently anywhere and with anyone

Networking & Introductions

Develop networking savvy with credibility

Helping Leaders & Teams
with these workshops and trainings:

Avoid the Graveyard of Speeches

How to Organize Your Content

The Art of Speaking Clearly

Crafting the Presentation from Start to Finish

The Eyes Have It

Leveraging Your Non-Verbals

Building Your Brand and Networking Savvy

Elements of Networking

Dine Like a Diplomat

Etiquette and Protocol During Dining

Stories. Connect. People.

The Art of Telling Stories

When the Special Occasion Calls for a Speech

Introductions, Presentations of Awards, Business Milestones

Confidence and credibility go hand in hand.

We know you want to feel confident when you interact with customers and colleagues. Whether you’re giving a presentation, having dinner with an important client, or socializing at a networking event, every interaction comes with the opportunity to build or undermine your credibility.

We have an experienced coach to help you and/or your team discover the tools you need to communicate and connect with confidence. Learn more about our process below.

Design • Develop • Deliver

1. Design A Plan

Contact us to discuss your needs and goals. From there, we'll co-create a plan to get the results you're after.

2. Develop Your Skills

Using the plan as a roadmap, we'll help you craft a powerful speech, dine like a diplomat, or make professional networking feel natural.

3. Deliver with Confidence

Your moment has come! With sharper skills and a suite of tools in hand, you have everything you need to make a great impression and lasting impact!

Janiece Robinson

Public Speaking Consultant • Etiquette & Protocol Specialist

Janiece Robinson has been training businesses since 1995 and teaching public speaking at a college level for 16 years. She brings that experience and more to equip you with the tools you need to feel confident in every professional situation.

She has helped clients in all industries and sizes – from Fortune 500 executives and non-profit CEOs to small business owners and customer service reps.

Learn More about Janiece ➜

Janiece Robinson is a public speaking consultant with Bold Move International – a business coaching firm in Greenville, SC.

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