Ross Robinson

Ross Robinson's Bio

A world traveler with small town roots, Ross is grounded and adventurous in everything he does, including coaching. He enters every coaching relationship with unshakable faith that clients absolutely can be who they want to be and accomplish beyond what they expected. He coaches the whole person with confidence that every client will experience substantial leadership growth and achieve outcomes that make a difference. He works to empower leaders in realizing their own potential and helping others in their organizations do the same.

Ross studied accounting and began a corporate career with KPMG. He actually loved business school, but once in the industry he found himself longing for more in his professional endeavors. He wanted to invest his life more directly in people. He transitioned into a role with a start-up church where he spent more than two decades creating vision, providing strategic planning and developing leaders for a variety of non-profit endeavors. This path led Ross right to coaching in 2010, and since that time, he has worked hard to grow his coaching skills and to accumulate relevant tools to help him serve others in becoming the best leaders they can be for causes bigger than themselves. In 2014, he and his wife Janiece combined their skills to create Bold Move.

With credentials aimed at growing leadership effectiveness, Ross is a graduate of the Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership’s Leadership Coaching Program and a PCC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation. He is a certified StrengthsFinder Coach through Gallup, a 360 Leadership Circle Practitioner, an American Confidence Institute Certified Coach and a Licensed Coach Trainer.

Ross is a native of Upstate South Carolina where he and his wife Janiece live. When he is not coaching, Ross enjoys all things outside such as hiking in a national park or beautifying his backyard.

StrengthsFinder Top 5


“I consistently hear an optimism in my Strategic strength that says, ‘Of course we can!’ I enjoy diving into complexities and finding the best achievable path forward for the good of all.”