Claire Buswell

Claire Buswell's Bio

Growing up in Amsterdam with Irish and English parents, and working for and with global non-profit organizations, Claire Buswell is shaped by her international experiences and relationships. She meets everyone with an open heart and brilliant instincts, and her coaching is characterized by empathy and expertise.

Claire creates space for the whole person, inviting clients to pause, become deeply aware of who they are, and clarify where they want to go. Then she equips them with the vision, mindset, and tools to move forward toward significant goals that both energize them and bring them joy.

Drawing from transition research, positive psychology, neuroscience, Claire utilizes creative, somatic, and narrative techniques to bring a powerful and unique coaching experience. She intentionally tailors each coaching engagement to fit the client based on their goals and learning style. She highly values trust and works to be in tune with her clients. She is known as a coach who consistently brings encouraging-yet-stretching strategic energy that helps clients see transformative change!

Claire’s background is in communications and international development, working for and with non-profits, government agencies, and social enterprises. She loves the opportunities coaching and training afford her to come alongside people, hear their stories, and see them ‘walk their why’ in the tiny and larger schemes of life.

Relocating to Seattle in 2019, Claire and her husband stay entertained by their young daughter. When not coaching, Claire enjoys walks on the beach, finding treasures at the bookstore, and good conversations with friends over coffee (or Irish breakfast tea).

StrengthsFinder Top 5

Empathy – Developer- Individualization – Activator – Connectedness

“My Developer strength loves being a part of people’s growth journey! I see and draw out the potential in each individual, celebrating the small steps that make the impossible possible.”