Anton Zemlyanoy

Anton Zemlyanoy's Bio

Based in Sydney, Australia, Anton spans the globe with his experiences, his curiosity, and his clients.

Anton brings a passion for seeing his clients utilize their strengths while becoming conscious of the unintended impact they may be having on themselves and those around them. Through coaching, he enjoys facilitating both increased performance and expanded awareness.

His passion for professional development motivates him to serve as a supervisor to professional coaches and his pull to be in a creative process sees him design and deliver programs to support leaders in their development, which he sees as directly linked to stages of adult development.

Before choosing to step onto the path of professional coaching Anton has worked for 15 years with teams of creatives to deliver innovative results within commercial realities for clients such as Chanel, Armani Beauty, Givenchy, Lancome, Elle, GQ, Marie Claire and others, which explains his strong pull towards intentionally expressed aesthetics and a search for creative, individualized, solutions.

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“I believe each person’s life is their own canvas that they have the right to paint it the way they want. What are the best brushes and colors for you? Well, that depends on what you are here to create. Being strong in Futuristic, I will invite you to see clearly where you want to be first and then pick the right goals to get you there.”