Coaching with Ross

Coaching with Janiece

Feedback from Public Speaking Workshops


Janiece did an outstanding job and almost convinced me that I could stand up and give a presentation that very day.

The information Janiece provided during this session gave me the tools that I need to be a successful speaker. I’m blown away by Janiece’s knowledge and expertise!


Public speaking is a major part of my job and has been for years. I will immediately be able to use the information I obtained from this training.


I am so grateful for the techniques Janiece taught to help me feel less nervous which will enable me to be a better presenter.


I learned the value of a good introduction and obtained the tools to create one. Thank you for this missing piece.


The information provided was so insightful for someone who has never taken a speech course. Janiece presented with such enthusiasm that made the material come alive!