LEADING WELL CONFERENCE is an annual event created to inspire and equip women in leadership. This fast-paced conference offers the opportunity to grow through intentionally chosen presenters and well-timed topics centered on a relevant theme.

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A Virtual Conference for Women in Leadership
September 16, 2021
11:00a-2:00p ET

Keynote Speakers

Jaines Andrades

Nurse Practitioner, Trauma Surgery Dept
Baystate Medical Center
Boston, MA


Jaines Andrades received national attention in 2020 when she made a Facebook post of the three different name badges she collected during the past 10 years of working at Baystate Medical Center: one as a custodian, one as a nurse, and finally, one as a nurse practitioner. When her post went viral, major media networks across the US covered her story and she was named Good Morning America’s Person-of-the-Week.

Jaines certainly did not expect the outpouring of support and attention, but she is happy her story is inspiring others. She says if she can provide motivation and encouragement, that in itself makes the challenges of her journey worth it.

Born to Puerto Rican parents in Buffalo, NY, Jaines moved to Springfield, MA, as a child. Nursing was not her original professional dream, but while in high school she had an impacting conversation with a nurse that drew her to pursue a profession in helping others. Nursing quickly became her passion.

She graduated from Our Lady of the Elms College in 2014 and began her nursing career as a correctional nurse at a local jail. From there she accepted a position as a registered nurse at Mason Square Neighborhood Health Clinic where she experienced noticeable success.

In 2016 Jaines returned to school to complete her doctorate in nursing and become a nurse practitioner. She graduated in 2020 and now works at Bay State Medical Center in the Trauma Surgery Department where she can be found doing what she has been doing for a decade—caring deeply about each patient’s care and recovery plan.

Jaines has acquired a wealth of information about medicine, but primarily she has learned how to cultivate humility while never giving up on her dream. She believes your life is what you make it and your path certainly does not need to be perfect.

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Janiece Robinson

Public Speaking Consultant |
Business Etiquette Specialist
Co-Founder, BOLD MOVE
Greenville, SC


Janiece Robinson has never met a stranger and she has never met someone she could not help with public speaking—from practicing presentation pauses in a corporate board room to preparing a best man speech for the guy sitting next to her on a flight. Janiece is a combustion of sparks that ignites others to come to life as confident presenters who communicate effectively.

For more than 25 years, Janiece has successfully worked with a wide variety of leaders to help them achieve stronger results both in their speaking and through their speaking. Her clients include everyone from Fortune 500 executives to international non-profit leaders to local political candidates. In each situation, Janiece’s goal remains constant: to see her clients represent the ideas and products of their organizations with clarity and passion.

Teaching is at the heart of Janiece’s work. She began her career as a professor and served on the speech faculties of two colleges after completing her graduate work in Rhetoric and Drama. She is a licensed Business Etiquette and Protocol Specialist through the Protocol School of Washington and a Certified Communications Professional through the Association for Women in Communications.

In 2014, Janiece and her husband Ross combined their skills to create Bold Move, a leadership skills coaching firm that strives to support a diversity of leaders as they create Stronger You, Stronger Results, Stronger World.

Janiece grew up in Detroit and has lived all of her adult life in Greenville, SC, which she loves to call home with her husband Ross. In her free moments, you will most likely find her creating crafts with her two granddaughters or curled up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea.

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Tanya Wood

Executive Director, CHS Alliance
Geneva, Switzerland


Tanya Wood is the Executive Director of the CHS Alliance headquartered in Geneva with a second office in London. The CHS Alliance is a global membership of humanitarian and development organizations committed to making aid work better for people through the belief that organizations deliver higher quality and more effective aid when they are accountable to the people they serve.

CHS is a movement to put the people affected by crisis at the heart of aid efforts by implementing the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). Under Tanya’s leadership, CHS advises, guides and trains aid organizations to be accountable to affected populations, protect against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, and provide better management of people resources.

With a heart for creating a better world, Tanya brings more than 20 years of successful leadership and management experience in the international humanitarian sector. Her work has encompassed roles both in international headquarters and on the field including more than a decade of postings in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Tanya has focused her career working with international membership organizations including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA). She has also served as the CEO and Chair of two international health networks. She holds a masters degree in International Development as well as an MBA.

Originally from the UK, Tanya now lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where she is constantly entertained by her husband, three children and dog. When she is not working, she finds herself challenged by the next home renovation project.

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Chris Baer

Executive Coach
Founder & CEO | Mandala
Washington, DC


Our stories shape our perspective of the world and our engagement with it. In light of this daily reality, how can we have better stories for better outcomes? This workshop introduces an approachable framework to get perspective on our internal stories for a richer array of potential outcomes in life and work as we endeavor to bring change. Have fun learning a simple approach to understanding how internal stories are made, and how they influence our choices and behaviors. With Chris’ insightful guidance, you will leave with one creative tool to help (re)author the stories that shape inner dialog, behavior, and ultimately your interactions with others.

Dr. Julie Elledge

Executive Coach & Coaching Educator
Founder & CEO | Mentor Agility
Jackson, WY


Financial well-being affects overall well-being more than any other single factor. What is financial well-being and how does it differ from financial stability? What ideas are lurking in the shadows of your sense of well-being that you have not previously identified? In this workshop, Julie sheds light on the invisible and often destructive financial narratives in your head and how you can take control of them for the sake of your financial future and your ability to effectively bring change. You will leave having identified your financial well-being saboteurs and set your vision for better beliefs and actions that support who you want to be.

Listiarini McNicholl

Organizational Development Coach
Founder & Principal | McNicholl Coaching and Consulting
Seattle, WA


Even with our best preparation and good intentions for bringing change, unexpected factors occur every day that throw us off center. Our reactions to these stressors happen at reflexively fast speed so we need recovery practices that meet the rate of reactivity. A prime resource that is always available is our physical body. In this workshop, Lis will lead you through techniques for better managing stress. Informed by principles of mindfulness and embodiment, these methods work by changing our attention, breathing and body posture to positively adjust our state of being. Come experiment with proven practices for opening access to more of you at your best and leave ready to utilize them over and over again.

Shayna Renee Hammond

Leadership & Life Coach
Founder & CEO | Shayna Renee |
Teach To Lead
Washington, DC


Are you at a professional or personal crossroads due to a major life shift? In times like these, we ask ourselves the big questions like, “How do I know what my purpose is?” This workshop provides a framework for gaining clarity about what you’re uniquely positioned and called to do at this time in your life—a prerequisite to bringing change. You will discover a process for rebirthing yourself when you feel that nudge to be or do more. Shayna will share her story and give time and space for you to apply the same process to your life. You will leave this session with the inspiration and clarity needed to ignite what’s next for you!

Anton Zemlyanoy

Life & Career Coach
High Fashion Portrait Photographer
Moscow, Russia


How often do we work on improving ourselves by identifying weaknesses and trying to change them into strengths? This pattern makes sense. For example, being too sensitive can be unlearned to make room for stronger decision-making ability. This approach, however, has an inherent danger: in attempting to become the ‘better’ version of ourselves we can lose our essence. This workshop invites you to not exchange who you are for who you want to be. With Anton’s help, you will discover how to build upon what is already there. Working with a real situation in your life, you will leave with a commitment to see what impact you can have in bringing change when aligned with your natural way of being.


Fear is often the sidekick of change and most of us expend vital energy attempting to make the fear subside. What if there is a more productive path? This workshop presents a tested tool for tapping into something more powerful than your fear—your mission. You will discover a technique for cultivating confidence when fear is poised to stifle your power to bring change. As Ross (coach) delivers the process, Julio (client) will share his story of using the tool and the outcomes that followed. You will leave with fresh clarity and inspiration through applying the tool to a real-life situation and designing your own specific next step.

Ross Robinson

Executive Leadership Coach
Co-Founder & CEO | BOLD MOVE
Greenville, SC

Julio Hernandez

Assistant VP for Inclusive Excellence | Executive Director for Hispanic Outreach
Clemson University
Clemson, SC