Take your leadership to the next level.

Strengths Coaching • Leadership Coaching

Individual & Team Strengths Coaching

Gallup’s Strengthsfinder Assessment provides a language for us to take leaders on a deep dive into both behaviors and motivations, opening new ways for clients to see themselves and the people around them. Strengths coaching provides both understanding and practical strategies for maximizing individual potential in any role and helps establish effective partnerships within strengths-based teams.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is for people who are already experiencing success and who want to take their leadership to the next level while reaching specific measurable goals. Our coaching is distinct from industry consulting or mentoring and is in line with the International Coach Federation’s definitions and ethics. We coach the whole person and see substantial growth that is transferable to all of life.

Public Speaking Consulting

Leaders speak. Yet, most admit they lack the confidence to present well. Our public speaking consulting provides strategies and instills confidence through which clients become prepared to navigate a wide variety of speaking opportunities. We go far beyond helping leaders prepare for one speech, but provide a wealth of tools that ensure they can analyze an audience and speaking context, effectively outline a presentation for maximum impact, and deliver the speech with enthusiasm and credibility

Public Speaking Workshops

Interactive group trainings create an ideal venue for rapid learning and immediate application. We offer a variety of 1-4 hour workshops that equip attendees in the full speech preparation process (“The Art of Speaking Clearly”) as well as any of the specific elements such as organization of thoughts and outlining (“Avoid the Graveyard of Speeches”), introductions and conclusions (“Where to Start and How to End”) and nervousness and delivery (“What Do I Do With These Shaking Hands?”).

360 Leadership Assessment

The Leadership Circle provides a comprehensive measure of overall leadership effectiveness based on 18 specific creative competencies and 11 reactive styles. This valid and reliable instrument presents detailed information that shows leaders specifically where to focus their growth for optimal results. We offer both the assessment and related coaching for a powerful combination that propels leadership development.