Designed to Help You See Stronger Results

Leading Well

A Coaching Cohort for Women

Women in leadership experience the weight of their calling and responsibilities in a multitude of directions. They are stretched thin and often feel they are surviving rather than succeeding. And deep inside they don’t want to settle; they want to win. LEADING WELL is designed with these women leaders in mind. 

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The Strengths Edge

A Teen Leadership Experience

Students (ages 15-18) will discover a language for when they are operating at their best and make discoveries around what gets in the way.

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An Interactive, 3-hour Workshop​

Learn how your unique combination of strengths sets you apart and design actions to put those strengths to work.

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Dine Like a Diplomat

A Dynamic, 3-hour Tutorial Meal

Dine Like a Diplomat delivers world-class tools for professionals to dine confidently anywhere and with anyone.

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