What our clients say:

Coaching with Ross

Very few things have transformed my thinking and advanced my life like Ross’s skilled and caring coaching did for me. He helped me understand and embrace my strengths, giving a framework to rethink my vocation and life direction. The confidence I gained through his coaching catapulted a career change in which I am now finding success, fulfillment and continued opportunity.

Matt Kliewer
Business Owner | Insurance & Financial Services

In every session, Ross helped create a new awareness of my situation. His unwavering ability to be present and ask thought-provoking questions whether by phone, skype or in-person allowed me to identify meaningful solutions to reach my professional and personal goals.

Tanvi Pandit-Rajani
Senior Strategy Lead | John Snow, Inc.

Ross helped me become more self-aware and more effective in leading my organization.  He listened attentively, skillfully coached me to diagnose root issues and effectively guided me to create a plan of action. Through coaching I grew to better understand how major transitions affect me emotionally and physically, and I am now successfully managing these effects. As a result, I am a stronger leader with my team.

Mike Wagner
Executive Director | Pioneers Europe

Through Ross’ gentle and precise questions and challenges, I was able to learn how to reframe what I once assumed were impossible situations and view them as opportunities. Discovering how my strengths are best utilized, I began pursuing my goals in a way that feels natural and authentic. Coaching led to a richer and more comprehensive insight into myself and impacted every aspect of my life – my family, my work and my art. I feel so much more liberated and energized now!

Mariam Matossian Setian
Professional Singer

Coaching with Janiece

At ALM we care about excellence in oral communication and Janiece moved us from mediocrity to a new level.  Words can’t capture the transition she has helped us make. Personally, Janiece has transformed my public speaking.  Suffice it to say, Janiece is our speech coach for life.

Bill Simmons
President and CEO | American Leprosy Missions

Janiece is a uniquely gifted individual. Her positive energy, professionalism and sincerity are engaging and inspiring.  Following the workshop, I was equipped to immediately practice my new presentation skills and break bad habits which has definitely improved my confidence.  As a result, I have been able to build upon my own credibility as a training professional.

Ginger Cone
Training and Development Director | Greenville Technical College

Janiece’s energetic and positive coaching style inspired confidence in me. Her training propelled my professional growth by teaching me to plan, practice and deliver an effective presentation–overcoming my long held fear of public speaking.

Cory Schearer
Creative Director | Ferebee Lane + Co.

Janiece’s joy and enthusiasm is contagious and she is a master at bringing out the best in people. She did strengths coaching with our team as we launched a new division, helping us discover how each member is vital to our success. Without her our learning curve would have been much greater.  As my public speaking coach, Janiece’s expertise in crafting the message, telling the story, and connecting with my audience grew my effectiveness although I came with 20 years of experience.

Reba Bowman
Founder and CEO | Dare for More Ministries

Feedback from Public Speaking Workshops

Janiece did an outstanding job and almost convinced me that I could stand up and give a presentation that very day.

The information Janiece provided during this session gave me the tools that I need to be a successful speaker. I’m blown away by Janiece’s knowledge and expertise!

Public speaking is a major part of my job and has been for years. I will immediately be able to use the information I obtained from this training.

I am so grateful for the techniques Janiece taught to help me feel less nervous which will enable me to be a better presenter.

I learned the value of a good introduction and obtained the tools to create one. Thank you for this missing piece.

The information provided was so insightful for someone who has never taken a speech course. Janiece presented with such enthusiasm that made the material come alive!