A Teen Leadership Camp

Generation EDGE, those born after 1996, presents the next group of business and community leaders. BOLD MOVE combines the best of what we offer in a leadership development package for high school students who are rising sophomores and above.


In one very full week, teens experience significant personal growth and development in the following leadership targets:


Led by a Gallup Certified Strengthsfinder coach, participants will discover a language for when they are operating at their best and make discoveries around what gets in the way. By the conclusion of the experience, teens will be effective at describing their strengths and have strategies for leveraging those strengths during the next year.


Delivering a strong and true leadership presence includes practical considerations such as appropriate dress and ease with posture, introductions, handshakes, dining and other basics of etiquette, taught by a licensed Business Etiquette Specialist. Participants will learn, personalize and practice so they are able to present the best version of themselves.


Taught by a public speaking consultant with more than 25 years experience, participants will become comfortable with who they are in front of people and learn what it means to communicate themselves effectively. They will engage with the tools for constructing a strong outline, writing a persuasive speech and delivering an effective presentation. They will be presenting the speech by the end of the experience.

Personal Declaration | The Edge Experience


Participants will dig deep into what is most important to them and what they envision living for over the next year of life. Led by a International Coach Federation credentialed leadership coach, they will discover and write a personal declaration with clarity, confidence and passion.